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I am a freelance photographer specializing in concert and music photography, but I also enjoy shooting portraits and headshots. My primary market is northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.  I am grateful to have had my images published in People Country Special, several newspapers
around the country, artist webpages, and press releases.

My background is very visual with 30 years of experience shooting and editing television commercials and corporate videos. That same 30 years saw me performing as a semi-pro musician. My familiarity with visual content and composition is evident in my still images, which I began shooting in 2006.

I like to keep my compositions simple and clean, when possible, directing the viewer's eyes effortlessly to the image's main subject. I think what is excluded from an image is almost as important as what is included. That has been my main goal in refining my shooting - being mindful of potentially distracting elements in an image, and then taking steps to avoid them.

I know I have a lifetime of learning ahead of me. But that's one of the most addictive things about photography - incorporating new skills and techniques into my shooting. I am grateful for the privilege to freeze time and capture a moment that no one may ever witness again, except through my images.

Thanks for visiting my galleries.

all images © Jon Diener • • 419.466.2176